Working in Ireland: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions by doctors and nurses looking start a career in Ireland.

Step 1 is to send your CV to Med Doc who will advise you on everything from registering with the Irish Medical Council to getting a bank account and working in Ireland. Our recruitment consultants really are specialists and will make the whole process seamless for you.

Yes, the Irish Medical Council and NMBI are an independent regulatory body for doctors and nurses working in Ireland. It is a legal requirement that any doctor or nurse working in Ireland be registered with the Irish Medical Council or NMBI. Don’t worry, we help you with this and will get you registered swiftly.

If your name was removed from the register after 16th March 2009, you should be able to restore your name by submitting relevant application here. The fees for restoration differ, depending on whether you withdrew your name voluntarily, or if it was removed for non-payment of the fees. To find the list of fees please click here. If you were registered with the Irish Medical Council but withdrew your registration before 16th March 2009, you will have to apply as a first-time applicant. This means you will have to re-submit all documents set out in your online account.

Med Doc are specialists in permanent, contract, temporary and locum positions for doctors and nurses in General Practice, HSE Primary Care and Out of Hours, Urgent Care, Student and Corporate Health.

Working with Med Doc, we always get the best rate of pay on offer for our doctors while also ensuring this is feasible for our clients. As a locum GP you can expect to earn €120k – €160k per annum based on hours you decide to work each week. Permanent GP positions offer different rates and benefits.

As a practice or triage nurse you can expect to earn anywhere from €40,000 – €65,000 per annum and as a locum nurse pay rate are slightly higher.

As a locum or contractor, you will have three main expenses you will need to account for and they are (1) Medical Council Registrations and annual retention each year (2) Medical Indemnity cover (3) Medical Indemnity You will also need to account for accommodation, transport and general living expenses. Permanent position expenses will differ but general living costs will apply.

There is no requirement at present in terms of registration with the Irish Medical Council for locum doctors. However, this is part of our screening process and should our recruiters feel that you will struggle, they may advise you to undertake an English language course.

For nurse applications, you are required to sit an IELTS exam should you not have trained in Ireland, UK, Canada, Unites States, Australia, New Zealand. Please click here for further information.

EU/EEA citizens and can stay and work in Ireland as they please. Non-EU GP doctors and nurses who do not hold EU citizenship can obtain an AWS permit. This enables you to work in Ireland for a period of 90 consecutive days. You must then leave the State for 30 days and can return again for another period 90 days in any one calendar year – please click here for general information and AWS application form. Med Doc will need to support you in your AWS application as you cannot apply for this independently. You are however responsible for covering the cost of AWS permit but Med Doc will assist you in all aspects of applying for this and walk you through the process.

Should you secure a full-time position, an employer will need to apply in conjunction with your, for a critical skills visa, this applies for both doctors and nurses.

When working in Ireland, you are responsible for paying tax on income you earn. How much you pay depends on the number of factors such as your status, whether you are registered as a company or not, the amount of time you will spend working here in a tax year etc. The standard rate of tax is 20% higher rate of tax 40%. You will receive some tax credits, which have the effect of reducing your tax by the amount of the credit. Tax credits vary depending on your personal circumstances. For more information on the Irish tax system click here.

Get in contact today with the Med Doc team and one of our recruiters will be more than happy to advise you and guide you on your interest in working in Ireland. Email Sms: +353 87 703 4652 or Tel: +353 1 901 1306. We look forward to hearing from you.