It has been nearly a year since the first recorded case of coronavirus on 17th November 2019 in China. In the last year, we have seen the truly devastating consequences a global pandemic can have. With more than 35 million cases confirmed and over one million deaths worldwide, COVID-19 has certainly been a wake-up call for all of us.

However, it has also highlighted the importance of modern medicine and how every role in the healthcare system makes a difference. If you want to make a difference, joining the Irish healthcare system in the right role is exactly what you need.

In that case, you need to know the best medical field jobs to take on during a pandemic. Well, you have come to the right place!

Read on to find out the top Irish health and medical field jobs to fill during a pandemic.

Nursing Staff

Nursing staff are the lifeblood of any healthcare system, and their duties cover a range of different practices. Because of this, they are always in high demand and are rarely out of work.

As a nurse, you may:

  • Carry out routine or emergency tests
  • Have regular ward-based or surgical duties
  • Assist in surgeries under local or general anesthetics
  • Take care of patients’ recoveries
  • Monitor patients’ symptoms and record these
  • Liaise with different departments across medical facilities
  • Ensure that your patients have the best quality of care at all times

Your personal nursing duties may vary depending on where you work. For example, a ward nurse has quite different responsibilities to a general practice nurse in a local surgery.

Because you will be dealing with patients and their families on a daily basis, this is a job that also requires great people skills.

Some nurses have specialist training to provide additional support to doctors in certain fields. However, during a pandemic, nurses with specialist training may end up working in more general areas to cover the workload.

The importance of nurses across Ireland means that your salary should remain the same – pandemic or no pandemic. Whatever the situation, nurses will always be in high demand!

Home and Personal Care Aides

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the global healthcare system, and health in Ireland is no exception. One of the biggest challenges, beyond the virus itself, is the healthcare resources have become less accessible.

In fact, many patients who need the most support are also among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Because of this, they have been unable to visit their doctors as regularly. As a result, the demand for at-home and personal care aides has massively increased over the last few months.

Aides play a vital role in providing care for patients of all ages in their home environment, at work, and in hospitals. It is a job for people who like to get personal and build relationships with patients over time. You’ll be visiting people regularly to ensure they have the support they need and access to healthcare resources.

If you’re a people person, then this is the job for you!

Senior Assistant Roles

As well as at-home aides, support roles for senior citizens are a vital part of Ireland’s medical field.

Some people choose to work as senior assistants in care homes across the country. Others conduct at-home visits once or twice a day to those living alone or in need of support.

You provide a vital lifeline to the elderly, especially when they have been more isolated than ever. Again, it’s a role in which you are likely to form a bond with your patients as you will see them regularly.

Because your role involves caring for the elderly, this may require some level of personal sacrifice during a pandemic. To keep your patients as safe as possible, you and anyone you live with may be required to shield. Though this may be a challenge, it will also ensure you can see your patients, safe in the knowledge you aren’t putting them at risk.

Laboratory Technicians

Laboratories all over Ireland and the rest of the world have been pushed to their limits in the last twelve months. They play a vital role in testing patients, recording data, and researching a cure. That is why working as a lab technician is a great way to make a difference away from the “frontline” hospital wards.

As a lab technician, your role will be to collect samples from patients for testing and analysis. However, it is also incredibly important that you communicate these results clearly to a doctor as quickly as possible.

This job might not seem like a high-stakes position, but it plays an important role in diagnostics. It ensures that doctors can provide the proper and most effective treatments for their patients. And what could be more important than that?

Working in a laboratory may also open other doors to research positions. So if you’re interested in medical research and analysis, this is a great place to start.

Database Administrators

When it comes to Ireland’s healthcare system, many people will envisage scrubs and white coats. However, if you are tech-minded, then you can still make a difference.

Managing data properly in the healthcare system is an extremely important part of patient care. It ensures that doctors have access to the most up-to-date information on patients and treatment options. Without this, it would be impossible to treat patients efficiently.

On top of this, during a pandemic, database administrators play a vital role in collecting information. That includes data about diseases, symptoms, infection rates, and effective treatments. It all plays an important role in helping medical researchers find a cure as quickly as possible.


You might not think of them initially, but pharmacists play a vital role in frontline medicine. In fact, they deal with patients just as regularly as doctors or nurses do.

A pharmacist’s job is to ensure that each patient gets the most effective treatment for their condition. That involves understanding each patient’s needs history of prescribing the correct dosage for them.

They are also on hand for doctors and patients to consult about certain prescription drugs they may be using. This protects patients with health conditions from taking potentially harmful medicines.

Working as a pharmacist is also a great way to work more reasonable hours within the Irish healthcare system. Unlike doctors or nurses, hospital pharmacists are more likely to work shifts that won’t be subject to sudden changes.

Or, if you’re looking to work closer to home, why not look at getting a job in a local pharmacy? It is also a great way to get to know your patients in a more personal setting.

During COVID-19, a lot of patients have been bulk-ordering their prescriptions or ordering way in advance. Because of this, pharmacists need to have a good head for administration and communication. If this sounds like you, then you’re onto a winner!

General Practitioners

When it comes to healthcare, the Irish would be nowhere without general practitioners. These doctors are often the first port of call for any patient’s symptoms. Because of this, the job offers a lot of variety and responsibility.

GPs work with local patients from all walks of life. As a GP, your job is to diagnose patients’ symptoms, recommend treatment, or refer them for specialist help. That often involves seeing the same patients over several years, so you develop a relationship of confidence with them.

Working as a GP is also seen as one of the most ‘family-friendly’ options in medicine. That is because it comes with fairly fixed hours, and most GPs work in a local surgery, so their commute is short.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, general practitioners have also had to adapt the ways in which they see, diagnose, and treat patients. To avoid too much contact with patients, many GPs now conduct phone consultations and video calls with patients. This added challenge demonstrates how, even as a GP, you have to adapt to new situations.

Choose From the Best Medical Field Jobs in Ireland!

When choosing between the best medical field jobs available in Ireland, the key is to pursue something you are passionate about. That way, you will find it easy to enjoy your job, even when you are faced with challenges that are sure to arise during a pandemic.

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